Simple Online Ordering

We help restaurants adapt.

For restaurants, online ordering seems like a luxury, but right now it’s a necessity. Experts predict that social distancing will last months, maybe years. That means how we sit at restaurants will be fundamentally different once they reopen to the public. We predict that means serving less people inside, and offering more take-out.  Our online solution is fast to setup and super affordable.

We think online ordering doesn’t need to be so dang flashy.

No doubt you’ve used apps for online ordering whether it’s Grubhub, UberEats, Postmates, or Domino’s. These took years to develop and millions of dollars in development. Yes, they’re beautiful. They can also be a headache. Our simple UI (user interface) allows you to add items fast, checkout quickly, and leaves out flashy gimmicks like order tracking. You get an email when an order is placed and your customer gets a confirmation email telling them when to pickup. That’s it.

Pricing Breakdown

The initial set-up fee is low because we want to onboard quickly while we all deal with this crisis. Normally, we charge between $250 to $1000 based on the scope of the client. We will raise the rate when things normalize again within the food industry, and reassess our maintenance fees as well.

The custom link allows us to place your online ordering on the web. The custom links allows us to save you money because our platform has built-in SSL, securing your customer’s data.

Our maintenance fee includes menu and site editing, hosting fees, and any maintenance and upgrades as necessary.

The order fee is charged for processing and doesn’t include Stripe fees. You will need to set-up a Stripe account in order to process payments securely.

The contact fee allows us to collect and maintain a database for your customers which can be used for Facebook ads, direct mail, and email marketing. Credit card data is never stored.

Price List

Set-Up Fee $100
Custom Link $15/year*
Maintenance Fee $50/month
Order Fee $.50/order
Contact Fee $.05/contact

View our live demo to see how it works, then contact us for more information.

Other Considerations

Moving forward it’s possible your business will need new considerations. If you’re a restaurant, you may want to consider more takeout menus, signs and banners, and even floor signage. This is true for all industries. We can supply you with all of these to compliment your online ordering, or as separate pieces without an online order system.





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