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Marketing Solutions


Our Marketing Solutions are all about You!

We can talk about Lakes Marketing and Print all day if you like. We've got a colorful history going back to 1950. We built this website to show you the solutions we offer to help build your business. But what matters to us is you, our customers. Our Print and Marketing Solutions are designed with you in mind. It’s always been our goal to help you achieve success, whatever it takes. If your company isn’t successful, then neither are we. Lakes Marketing and Print have some of the most advanced capabilities, including printing services, direct mail marketing, and cross-media/omnichannel solutions. We'd like to show you how to use them to grow your business. Once we know your needs, we'll create a plan that puts solutions to work for you to grow your business, increase your brand awareness, and keep your customers and their friends constantly coming back for more.

So tell us your story; it's more important to us than ours. We can tell what you're doing right, but it's up to you to tell us what we don't know and what you’d like to work better for your business. We promise to back you up with a team of people who care, and together we'll find the best solution.

For more information or to request a free consultation, please contact Rick at Lakes Marketing and Print.